Passport Status

download (68)There are several ways to track the status of your foreign passport after the interview at the US Embassy. Now more detail about each of them.

Ways to check the passport application status

Method 1:

To identify the status of the foreign passport readiness on the first day after the interview, use the service offered on the website of the US Embassy.

The subject of the letter must specify the number of your foreign passport (with no spaces or other characters). The same number must be specified in the text of the letter, but this is optional. You will receive an automated response in the inverse e-mail indicating the status of your foreign passport. The answer will be in English. If you do not speak English, use Google-translator.

Method 2: Tracking the passport with a US visa through agencies

After one or two days, the passport is usually transmitted to the service. It is possible to check the passport application status and its location in the section “Tracking” at the website of the company. In order to do this, you must enter your ID-code into a separate


Peru’s Export Led Economic SuccessPeru’s Export Led Economic Success

download (69)Peru is a true Central American economic success story. Offering a stable environment, and a sustained healthy growth rate which has lead to high levels of foreign investment, the Peruvian economy is in the happy position of trading in the black. Its 2013 exports of just under $74bn were worth over $7bn more than its imports, and this high level of foreign trade has enabled the country to slash its poverty rates dramatically – from 60% in 2004 to just 25.8% in 2012, according to World Bank figures.

A large portion of this export strength can be put down to the country’s wealth of natural resources. Major export products include minerals such as copper, gold and zinc, along with agricultural products. Farming is still a mainstay of the Peruvian economy, and while a sizable proportion of the country’s agriculture is carried out on a subsistence rather than commercial basis, the export of cotton, rice, coffee and other crops is an important source of income – Peru is the world’s leading exporter of asparagus, for example. Peru is also a principle producer and


Digital Global Marketplace – Benefits of Buying and Selling Online

download (67)A B2B online digital marketplace connects buyers and sellers globally. It enables businesses to list products, and sell to an international customer base. It lets businesses of all sizes list their products and services for free. It is a platform that lets businesses create product pages, and uses its own channels to promote and market the products. It is a global platform that enables the buying and selling high quality products and services online.

Buy and Sell Online

Products listed can vary from categories such as clothing, retail, fashion, technology, business solutions, web-based and offline (location-based) services. To start selling online, businesses need to create a seller account, list products and create a catalog. The platform does not charge its users for registration. When customers visit product pages and make purchases, their payments show up on the seller’s dashboard, from where they can be withdrawn. Sellers get the ability to list any number of products for free and cataloging tools through the website dashboard.

Buyers can purchase a wide variety of products and services from the platform by creating an account. You will have


The Effects of Globalization on Both Accounting Profession and Education

download (66)Innovations in technology has catapulted the financial district into a global market. Globalization has had a large influence on the way businesses conduct business. Firms are not only responsible for being privy to information involving consumers in their own backyard but also understanding consumer culture as well as economic, political, and legal structures that exist in other countries. Due to the influence globalization has had on businesses, it has changed the expectations that are required of incoming business students and their education. More specifically, accounting students are being impacted by the changes globalization has influenced the market with. These students are challenged more particularly throughout their undergraduate years to understand not only the rules and regulations of GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles) but also the standards set forth by the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Within the accounting sphere, the primary focus has been on external reporting which involve the preparation of financial statements and auditing. However, due to the ever changing world of the global market, future accountants are required to possess perspectives that influence both external and internal reporting.


Visiting Quebec? Here Is What You Need To Know!

download (65)If you are planning to visit Quebec, there are a lot of things you need to be familiar with. Let us take a look at some of the key things you should be mindful of which will help you plan the perfect trip to Quebec.

1. Know more about the French language

It is important to understand that there are as many as 8 million speakers who only converse in Quebec French language. Quebec is that part of Canada which caters to the French speaking people. There are a few rules that have been imposed by the OQLF which is also known as the language police. The main aim of this police is to ensure that nearly 80% of the province should speak French and the businesses and even the signboards should make use of the French language. So, ideally, you should know Quebec French language for smoother operation in this area.

2. Quebec French is not the regular French language

A lot of people make this mistake of thinking that Quebec French and the French spoken in France are same. While the base language


How to Make Language an Asset and Not a Barrier for Your Brand?

images (10)It is a no-brainer that the reach, depth and footprint impact of a brand today are not limited to geography. Most brands are expanding their wings and appetite for a multi-lingual market.

This market comes with its inherent challenges and yields. If a brand is able to crack the language riddle correctly and in time, then there’s no stopping it from reaching new audiences that it desires. So language can be as much of a pitfall when a brand is thinking of conquering new regions. The pitfall can, however, be spun into a lever of growth and better outreach when deployed smartly.

Language translation emerges as the potent way here to make language the brand’s strengths and not weakness. Translation includes but is not limited to, marketing communication alone. There are many vital parts of the strategic blueprint that have to be viewed from a translation angle too.

Multilingual translation services are not just employed for branding work. They are equally important for other areas that have become similarly powerful touch points for all the stakeholders of the company. Software, APIs, UI bits, Apps,


Have You Started Looking for Translation Companies

download (64)When globalization happened, opportunities emerged fiercely and rampantly. But so did the many challenges accompanying this new wave. Now with technology, new trade pacts, new World Trade Agreements and fresh political bonds between different countries, many companies found themselves, suddenly and surprisingly, standing amidst a plethora of new and unforeseen forces.

Some of these forces were good and hinted of new markets and profit pockets. And some of these forces were flanked with problems and pitfalls of their own kind.

Yes, it is right that when globalization opened frontiers of a vast new world and fresh markets, most brands and businesses had a new playground to jump around. Yet, the game could quickly turn into a lost bet if the right investments were not made to tap gains at the right time.

The companies who made the right choices invested in new resources, new skill-sets, new product development and of course localization. The successful and wise companies also took cognizance of translation issues here, at the precise juncture of new opportunities.

Such organizations knew that translation may not pop right into the radar and would


5 Easy and Smart Tips For Reliable Ocean Shipping

download (63)International Ocean Shipping is often a service that some people think they either can’t afford or is too complicated. Neither is true. Ocean shipping worldwide is actually less expensive than other services and the process is really quite easy. Here are a few simple tips about ocean shipping:

  1. Get a free quote- Most International Shipping companies will provide a quote right on their website for your convenience.
  2. Book the shipment online or by telephone- Usually the company that you book your shipping worldwide with will provide a booking confirmation and all of the information that you will need when your shipment is picked up or you deliver it to them.
  3. Pack the boxes- Be sure to pack them well and mark appropriately. Include port of destination, delivery number, and the last name of whoever will be picking up the shipment at its destination. Don’t forget to number your boxes as well. For example, number them 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.
  4. Present your packing list- Most companies that offer shipping offer this feature online. This gives them the information needed for the Marine Bill

Prevention of Cargo Theft

download (62)Cargo theft is a horrendous crime because not only it cause inconvenience to the company maintaining the cargo, but it also worries the people whose cargo was being transferred. Cargo companies are not new to the theft of their shipments, as it was revealed in a report by Trucking Info that around 40% of the cargo holds are lost to the robbers. Moreover, it was disclosed that the majority of the thefts related to cargo hold rises in the holiday seasons.

Additionally, the cargo theft costs the company to lose around billions of dollars. But the loss of money is nothing compared to the loss of shipment because the clients and customers had trusted the company with their items and belongings which the cargo corporation failed to protect.

The trucks that deliver the shipment are so large that they cannot be kept hidden from the prying eyes, but there are many tips that can be utilized for cargo theft prevention so that one can easily keep the trust of their clients intact.

The tips, though ordinary, but once utilized can save the cargo from


The Future of Air Cargo: Things to Consider

download (61)When it comes to the shipment of the heavy business material, air cargo carriers are the first choice. The reason for the preference is that the cargo that travels through the air reaches its decided destination quicker than any other means. But with the excessive fueling costs and the launching of the passenger aircraft with huge cargo holds has made the future bleak for the air cargo carriers.

As the world is progressing, the new statistics and the changes in the rules by air freight traffic, otherwise known as IATA, has made the organizations owning the air freights consider a few things to flourish their business. A study released by the air freight traffic concerning the increase or decline in the air cargo business revealed that the demand in the air freighters only increased by 2.2% in 2015 as compared to the 5% increase in 2014.

Additionally, the report also revealed that the air freight business is further expected to decline and will hardly reach the expected revenue of $50 billion in 2016, whereas the same air freight business exceeded the expectation by


Know The Whereabouts Of Your Shipment Via GPS-Infused Shipping Tracking Systems

download (60)When do you need shipping tracking? It’s for those orders you transacted online and are expecting to arrive at a certain time but did not. It could be very frustrating when that happens- when something you expected to arrive from an international or domestic source didn’t make it on time to your doorstep. It causes significant anxiety as well when you’re wondering what happened to the item you’re expecting.

No Worries About Your Shipment

But there’s no need to fret if you’ve hired the services of an efficient ocean shipping company. Reputable international shipping companies are now equipped with shipping tracking systems. With cutting edge shipping tracking, you can eliminate all the guesswork and worrying about locating the whereabouts of your goods from abroad. With a shipping tracking system, you’re better informed about the how, the what and the where of your shipment. No need to wonder about when it will reach you!

Shipping tracking systems infuse GPS technology. That is, GPS capabilities have been imbued into the shipping tracking system. With this technology, shipping companies can then accurately identify the route of the


International Shipping Widens Your Customer Base To Other Countries and Continents

download (59)Widen Your Customer Base By Selling Your Goods Abroad

Your export and import business will thrive if you partner with a reliable and reputable international shipping company. International shipping will enable you to widen your customer base. You’re several steps ahead from you rivals when you’re doing business with customers from other countries and continents. Then again, you’ll have to do your best to deliver excellent customer service. Do you sell products and items to other countries as well? The main issue in this case is to ship your merchandise so that they’ll arrive in the hands of your customers safe and in tact. At the same time, your shipment should be timely and as scheduled.

You can save on costs for international shipping if you have a professional ocean shipping company behind your back. It’s a company that can handle the safe and on-time delivery of your items to a domestic or local destination, whether they are toys, medicines, machinery and cars.

Hire the services of a veteran shipping company. They offer an array of services and shipment options. Are you shipping your


Barriers To Effective Communication

images (8)Communication skills are all about shared understanding. However, there are many reasons why interpersonal communication may not be impactful. These barriers to communication may occur at any stage of the communication process. A skilled communicator needs to be aware of the barriers and how to overcome them. So what are the common barriers to effective business communication and how to improve communication?

Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Language barriers and the use of jargon
  • Emotional barriers
  • Systematic barriers
  • Differences in perception
  • Physical infirmities such as hearing problems or speech difficulties
  • Physical barriers like noise, distance, closed doors, cabins
  • Expectations and prejudices
  • Cultural differences
  • Information overload

Let’s look at some of these barriers in detail-

1. Language Barriers

Difference in language is the most obvious barrier to communication as two people speaking two different languages cannot communicate with each other. The accents and dialect (use of words) of people belonging to different places differs even if their language is same. Though the languages are technically the same in people using different dialects and accents, the meanings, implications and interpretations of words are different, which may lead to various kinds of conflicts.


Freight Consolidation Explained

download (58)Freight consolidation is a cargo consolidation service that is provided mostly by large national and multinational cargo companies. In this service, a large number of goods is shipped in smaller shipments that are further shipped after being assembled to get better freight rates and safety of the goods. It is also known as assembly service.

Strengthening the freight can help your company save money as you are shipping goods that are less than LTL shipments. If you stabilize your freight, you are not only more efficient but also saving money. If you are shipping via LCL shipments, your transportation costs can go up the roof. Not only do they cost more but they can also have extra fees and additional charges.

You can significantly reduce this shipping cost by mixing your freight with freight from other companies that are on the same cargo ship/ truck/ plane. You can also hire a third party freight service provider to lower the cost of delivery.

Securing the freight can help you save your money by letting you pay for only the space that you need while sparing


Pros and Cons of Air Freight Vs Ocean Freight

download (57)The two most common methods and probably the only two, used for international shipping are air freight and ocean freight. These are the choices you have when it comes to transporting goods, vehicles, and other cargo; be it for personal reasons or business. The difference between these two types of freight is not just the obvious one; one being by plane and the other via ship. There are a lot of factors that play a role in deciding whether to transport something via air or the ocean.

Both have their pros and cons, and there are four things that should be taken into account every time you decide to transport something around the world. These four things are the Cost, Charges, Capacity, Reliability and Speed at which your goods are transported to the desired location. Some other factors that should be considered are Safety, Time, Environmental Impact, Time, Destination Coverage and Logistics.

Here are the pros and cons of both air and ocean freight in details so that you can have detailed wisdom on both the next time you want to deliver something.



Challenges of Inbound Freight Management

download (56)Although managing inbound shipping can be challenging, it also comes with a lot of benefits. Many people don’t consider shipping charges as an effective option, but if you are looking to save money, then inbound shipping is just the thing for you. Research shows that a company or business spends up to 40 percent of its annual freight budget on inbound shipping. This can be massively minimized if you have a more efficient freight management program.

Inbound management can be a difficult process, but it also has its upsides. You can lower your costs, improve your reliability and make your operations great if you decide to choose an inbound merchandise management program. The changes you make can be simple like communicating with the other parties or more difficult tasks like creating contracts and changing legal terms and policies with partners.

But be it easy or difficult, inbound freight management is a need and one must overcome all the challenges it has. We shall discuss all the basic challenges one faces with inbound freight management. There are mainly four trials that logistics face when


5 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Reliable International Cargo Shipping Company

download (55)You should find a reliable international cargo shipping company if you’re moving overseas. That is, if you hire the international shipping services of the right provider, the process of sending your household goods abroad can be easier. Otherwise, it could become a complicated and tiresome undertaking. Here are 5 simple tips for hiring a reputable and reliable international cargo shipping company:

    1. Listen to feedback from other customers. Can the company deliver your goods safely and on time? Are they efficient in their facilities and delivery? What do other customers say about the international cargo shipping services offered by the company? Is their staff friendly and caters to your needs as a customer? How was the experience of other customers when they hired the company? Be particular about these things so you don’t have to waste time doing business with the wrong company. Read through the company’s website and read reviews, testimonials and forums about them.


    1. Get an easy-to-understand freight quote. Look through the website of the company and get a simple freight quote. Don’t be misled by hidden fees. See to it that

Why Use Cargo Dry Paks?

download (54)Many goods are transported across countries with the help of shipments and airlines. This mode of transportation requires quite a few numbers of days and it is very important to ensure that during this time period, the packed goods, especially food items, remain fresh and unspoiled. This is where the role of desiccants like cargo dry paks becomes important. These specially designed desiccants are placed along with the packed products to ensure that they are not affected by the atmospheric moisture and oxygen. These two factors greatly affect the freshness and thus the taste and quality of the packed product.

The main highlight of this is that they are specially designed to bring down the dew points inside shipping containers. This protects against a common phenomenon known as “container rain”. This phenomenon occurs when the moisture present in the closed spaces condenses and descends on the packed goods. Any contact with moisture does not mean good news for the packed products as then the chances of them getting spoilt are more.

Why should we opt for cargo dry paks?

After getting an understanding of


Top 5 Global Industries That Need Translation Services the Most

images (7)When considering the global community and the thousands of different languages used worldwide, we often forget the importance of translation services to facilitate understanding and communication. The language service industry is not a high profile industry. It quietly acts in the background for all the other local and global industries that utilize their services.

However, the industry is actually a huge one, which is estimated to be worth about $33 billion a year, with most of the revenue coming from Europe, North America and other parts of the world. In itself, its annual growth is 12 percent, while the job growth is already in the high 40’s percentile. So which industries are in most need of translations services? Check out the top 5 below:

  1. Information and Communication Technology

Information and communication technology is one of the backbones of international commerce. This industry sector is regularly involved in a variety of projects globally. The ICT industry needs their multiple technical documents translated into various languages to cater to global customers. Technical documents require subject matter experts (SMEs), as technical information has its own set of


Should The US Fast Track A Trade Deal With Britain After Brexit?

download (53)Britain has always been one of our strongest allies, and it is time to show them the respect they deserve for standing up to the overbearing bureaucratic nonsense of the European Union. Whereas, the EU leadership will most likely put forth spiteful measures to teach Britain a lesson for leaving and thus, shoot one across the bow of future members considering their own exit from the European Union – we here in the US should open them with open arms, and initiate immediate action in a super fast-track trade deal as a “preferred-plus” trading partner.

This whole concept of a one-world socialist style government goes against nearly everything we here in the US stand for, even if our own government is getting bigger and more onerous by the day. We should show the people of Britain that we agree with them for their Brexit Vote, that we stand in solidarity with their decision and we should apologize for our own President who flew over there to persuade the British People to vote to stay in a top-heavy crony capitalistic, socialist style European